Shuyuan Huang

Assistant Professor | Faculty Fellow


Recent presentations and talks


On 11/17/2023, Dr. Huang and team collaborated with Emblem Health and hosted a Diabetes workshop for the Chinese immigrant community in Flushing, NY.

In observance of National Diabetes Month in November, our team aimed to enhance awareness within the Chinese community regarding the dangers of diabetes, effective management strategies, and the specific impact it has on community members.

Audiences enthusiastically participated in the workshop and many reported gaining a deeper understanding of diabetes and diabetes management after attending the workshop. See pictures below.




Oral Presentations

 Huang, S., Ash, G. I., Cao, J., Nam, S., Jeon, S., McMahon, E., Whittemore, R. (2023, Jul 8-10) Self-reported physical activity during COVID-19 pandemic in Chinese immigrant women with a history of gestational diabetes mellitus. China Health Policy and Management Society (CHPAMS) 2023 Annual Meeting, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. 
Huang, S.,Nam, S., Ash, G. I., McMahon, E., Jeon, S., Whittemore, R. (2022, Apr 22) Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior of Chinese Immigrants in the US with Prior Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. [PhD presentation] 2022 Yale School of Nursing Scholars’ Day, Orange, CT, USA.
 Huang, S., Jeon, S., Bruner, D., Miller, A., Felger, J., Wommack, E., Saba, N., Higgins, K., Xiao, C. (2022, Mar 31 – Apr 1) Longitudinal Association of Physical Activity and Inflammatory Markers with Quality of Life in Head and Neck Cancer Patients. [Conference session]. Eastern Nursing Research Society 32nd Annual Scientific Sessions Virtual Conference, Providence, RI, USA.


Huang, S., Ash, G. I., Nam, S., Jeon, S., McMahon, E., Wu, B., Melkus, G.D., Dickson, V.V. Whittemore, R. (2023, Mar 23-24) Recruiting nation-wide Chinese immigrants in the U.S. remotely during COVID: practical experience from a cross-sectional study with a wearable device. [Poster session] ENRS 35th Annual Scientific Sessions, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Huang, S., Ash, G. I., Nam, S., McMahon, E., Jeon, S., Whittemore, R. (2022, Jun 3-7) 542-P: Determinants of objectively-measured physical activity in Chinese immigrants in the U.S. with prior gestational diabetes. [Poster session] American Diabetes Association’s 82nd Scientific Sessions, New Orleans, LA, USA
 Huang, S., Ash, G. I., Nam, S., McMahon, E., Jeon, S., Whittemore, R. (2022, Apr 6-9) Self-reported physical activity among Chinese immigrant mothers in the US with a history of gestational diabetes. [Poster session] 43rd Society of Behavior Medicine (SBM) Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions, Baltimore, MD, USA

Invited presentations

Huang, S. (2022, Sep 17) Introduction of the US National Diabetes Prevention Program. (In Chinese via video conference). The 42nd Weekly Live Webinar for Nurses, 52Meds, New York, NY, USA
Huang, S., Wischik, D. L., Whittemore, R., Jeon, S., Long, Q., Guo, J., (2021, Oct 29) Determinants of elevated depressive symptoms in Chinese women with gestational diabetes mellitus. International Young Scholar Online Forum of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China

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